Medical Marijuana in Destin, FL

Dr. Hanson offers medical marijuana as a therapeutic solution for eligible patients seeking alternative treatments for specific medical conditions. Medical marijuana, or medical cannabis, refers to the utilization of the cannabis plant or its derivatives to alleviate symptoms and enhance the well-being of patients dealing with qualifying medical conditions. Dr. Hanson provides a comprehensive evaluation and consultation to patients to determine if medical marijuana could potentially benefit them. He discusses their medical history, ongoing treatments, and current medications. If medical marijuana is deemed beneficial, Dr. Hanson helps patients obtain a medical marijuana recommendation or card while complying with relevant regulations.

The treatment strategy curated by Dr. Hanson involves close collaboration with patients to craft a personalized plan. This plan considers the specific medical condition, prevailing symptoms, and desired outcomes. Guidance regarding suitable strains, dosages, consumption methods, and potential side effects is offered. Throughout the treatment journey, consistent communication is upheld to monitor progress, adjust the plan if needed, and address any queries or concerns that may arise. To explore the potential benefits of medical marijuana as a treatment option, book an appointment with Dr. Hanson at VIVANAMD today. Please note that the utilization of medical marijuana is subject to local legal regulations, and Dr. Hanson ensures compliance while delivering the highest quality of care.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana


Patients with qualifying medical conditions who seek alternative treatments may be eligible. 

Results vary but may be noticed within a few days to weeks. 

Effects can last several hours and vary based on dosage and individual response. 

Side effects can include dizziness, dry mouth, and increased appetite. Downtime is minimal. 

Preparing for treatment includes understanding dosage instructions afterward, following guidelines, monitoring effects, and avoiding driving or operating machinery under its influence. 

During treatment, patients receive guidance on strains, dosages, methods of consumption, and potential side effects, ensuring a supportive and informed experience. 


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