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Biostimulators, such as Radiesse and Sculptra, are innovative treatments designed to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, aiding in restoring and enhancing facial volume and contours. These biostimulatory fillers work by encouraging the body’s collagen synthesis, resulting in a gradual improvement in skin texture and elasticity. They commonly address facial wrinkles, folds, and hollow areas, providing a natural and long-lasting rejuvenation. Biostimulators like Radiesse and Sculptra are suitable for restoring volume loss, refining facial features, and attaining a youthful appearance.

These treatments typically show initial results within a few weeks to months after the procedure, as collagen production gradually increases. Patients may notice enhanced skin texture and a plumper, more lifted appearance in the treated areas. The longevity of results can vary; however, these biostimulators often provide lasting effects, with outcomes lasting up to 1-2 years in some cases. At VIVANAMD in Destin, FL, experience the benefits of biostimulators. With this advanced treatment, achieve a revitalized and refreshed appearance with long-lasting results.

Benefits of Biostimulators

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Biostimulators suit individuals experiencing volume loss, wrinkles, and skin laxity seeking facial rejuvenation without invasive surgery.

Results from biostimulators such as Radiesse and Sculptra can start becoming noticeable within a few weeks to months after the treatment as collagen production gradually increases.

The longevity of results can vary but generally lasts up to 1-2 years in some cases, providing patients with long-lasting rejuvenation.

Generally, there might be mild swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection sites, but these effects usually subside within a few days. Downtime is minimal, allowing patients to resume their daily activities promptly.

Before the treatment, it’s recommended to avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements. After the procedure, follow post-care instructions provided by your practitioner to optimize results and minimize any potential side effects.

The treatment involves the injection of the chosen biostimulatory filler into targeted facial areas. The procedure typically takes about an hour, and patients might experience minor discomfort, which can be managed with a topical anesthetic or numbing cream.


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