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Genetic Testing, also known as whole genome sequencing, involves determining an individual’s DNA sequence. This advanced testing method provides a comprehensive analysis of chromosomal DNA, including mitochondrial DNA, offering a detailed insight into genetic makeup. Genetic Testing can identify genetic predispositions to various health conditions, understand disease susceptibility, and guide therapeutic interventions. By sequencing the entire genome, this test can help pinpoint functional variants that may contribute to different health conditions, making it an invaluable tool for personalized medicine.

Genetic Testing in Destin, FL, is ideal for individuals looking to understand their genetic predispositions and make informed decisions about their health. This service benefits those with a family history of genetic conditions, individuals planning to start a family, or anyone seeking to optimize their health through personalized medical insights. Results can be expected within a few weeks, providing long-lasting insights into your genetic health. If you want to learn more about your genetic health, book an appointment at Vivana MD in Destin, FL, today to take advantage of this cutting-edge service.

Benefits of Genetic Testing


Individuals with a family history of genetic disorders, those planning to start a family, or anyone interested in personalized healthcare based on their genetic information are good candidates for genetic testing.

Results from Genetic Testing are typically available within a few weeks after the sample is collected and analyzed.

Genetic Testing results provide lifelong insights into one’s genetic makeup, as DNA does not change over time.

Genetic testing does not involve downtime or side effects, as it simply involves collecting a sample, usually through saliva or blood.

Before Genetic Testing, you may need to provide a detailed medical history and family health background. After receiving the results, a consultation with a healthcare provider is recommended to understand the findings and plan any necessary interventions.

During Genetic Testing, you will provide your DNA sample, usually through saliva or blood. The sample is then analyzed in a laboratory to sequence your genome and identify genetic variants that could impact your health.


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