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Dermal fillers offer a non-surgical solution for rejuvenating your appearance by restoring lost volume, smoothing fine lines, and enhancing facial contours. These gel-like substances, including hyaluronic acid (HA), calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), and poly-L-lactic acid, are skillfully injected beneath the skin’s surface. Our expert providers customize treatments based on individual needs and preferences, utilizing FDA-approved fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Revanesse Versa, RHA collection, Radiesse, and Sculptra® Aesthetic. This popular procedure caters to over a million men and women annually, offering a cost-effective approach to facial rejuvenation.

Dermal fillers are a non-invasive treatment that enhances various areas of the face, including the lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and under-eye hollows. Results are typically visible immediately following the procedure, and the longevity of results depends on the filler type used and individual characteristics. HA fillers last 6 to 12 months, while CaHA can extend results up to 12 months or more, and Poly-L-lactic acid fillers may provide effects lasting over two years. Minimal downtime and temporary bruising and swelling may occur. Book an appointment with Dr. Hanson at VIVANAMD to achieve a revitalized, natural-looking appearance.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler Before and After

Lip Filler Before and After


Ideal candidates include individuals seeking to address volume loss, fine lines, and facial contour deficiencies without surgery. It’s essential to consult with a qualified provider to assess candidacy. 

Results are typically visible immediately, with optimal outcomes achieved within a week post-treatment. 

The longevity varies based on filler type, treatment area, and individual factors. HA fillers generally last 6 to 12 months, while some products can offer results lasting beyond two years. 

Mild bruising and swelling may occur temporarily but subside within a few days. Patients can typically resume daily activities immediately post-procedure. 

Before treatment, avoid blood-thinning medications. Afterward, follow post-care instructions provided by your provider, which may include avoiding strenuous activities for a day. 

The treated area is cleansed, and a topical anesthetic may be applied for comfort. The filler is then injected using a needle or cannula, with the procedure typically taking around 30 minutes during an office visit. 


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