Primary Care
Concierge Medicine

At Dr. Hanson’s Clinic in Destin, Florida, our focus is on patients first – our direct primary care program is an extension of this focus. The Concierge Medicine program offers personalized, comprehensive care while cultivating in-depth patient-physician relationships that support patients’ health goals—a highly qualified healthcare team provider led by a board-certified physician. I will keep the focus on the patient.


The cornerstone of the Concierge Medicine program is the highly personalized care and immediate and continuous access to a personal physician.

Increased Physician Communication

Concierge Medicine program members will have direct physician communication available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including support and care coordination for medical emergencies when traveling for business or pleasure.

Minimized Wait Times & Longer Appointments

The program is designed to allow in-depth patient-physician relationships, which is made possible by limiting the size of the practice. Program members will have dedicated time with a Concierge Medicine physician, and appointments are scheduled so that there is sufficient time to ensure that your healthcare needs are met.

Personalized Health Management Plans

We provide a highly-personalized health assessment and ongoing health management program which keeps you in regular communication with your Concierge Medicine physician. An emphasis on prevention and long-term wellness means your unique health needs and goals will be addressed.

Healthcare Coordination

The Concierge Medicine program provides members support and care coordination for specialty care, diagnostic tests, and emergencies while traveling.

Specialized Weight loss program

A specialized weight loss program is included in the Concierge medicine program. It provides continuous weight loss management and medical treatment with Ozempic ( semaglutide), Mounjaro (Tirzapatide), Phentermine, and other FDA-approved weight loss medications.

Please Note: Dr. Hanson does not accept insurance.

Medical Plans

Personalized Care Plan

  • Direct physician contact - email, call, or text (limited hours 8 am to 5 pm)

  • Same or next-day appointments

  • Unlimited telemedicine appointments

  • Unlimited primary care Appointments

  • Unlimited weight loss appointments

  • Support and coordinate care for specialty care, diagnostic tests, and emergencies while traveling.

  • 20% discount on any aesthetic services.

$7500 / year

Primary Care Pricing

  • New Patient Appointment: $179

  • Follow-Up Appointment: $150

  • Insurance Reimbursement Information: Superbill can be provided for patients seeking insurance reimbursement for the services received.

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